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Camp Reynal began serving the North Texas pediatric patient population in 1992. The camp is held early each Summer at Camp John Marc in Meridian, Texas which was built specifically for children with chronic illnesses. Children ages 8 to 16 with chronic kidney disease (about 120 campers) are eligible to attend Camp Reynal. Unlike most summer camps, Reynal is equipped to take care of children who require daily medication, special diets, and medical treatment such as dialysis. The camp offers an educational and recreational experience for children in the kidney population providing them an opportunity they can not receive elsewhere. Camp Reynal is one of the few camps in the United States that provides on-site dialysis


Adults In Underserved Communities

26 million American adults have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and million more are at risk. The Foundation offers free screening for those at risk-anyone 18 years and older with high blood pressure, diabetes, or a family history of kidney disease. I tis designed to raise awareness about kidney disease among high risk individuals and provide free testing and educational information. Our goal is to prevent kidney disease and all other complications that come along with this illness.